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Okay so, I’m joining NaNoWriMo again this year — last year was a huge bust unfortunately. But I want to win this year - so do you think I’ll be able to do it?

And if so, what should I do it for? I need plot ideas guys!

Send me plot ideas you’d like to see written — I can’t guarantee I’ll write them, but I’ll definitely consider them all~!! (Or even add them to a larger plot!)


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Smultronstället - bap daejong himjae banglo - Asianfanfics.com

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Lost A Bet

Rating: R

Pairing: EunHae

Disclaimer: I. Do. Not. Own. SuJu.

Summary: Reason why Donghae needs to stop betting (and losing) #546


Hyukjae grunts as he thrusts into the younger man faster, his orgasm hitting him quickly. He lifts Donghae’s legs up, holding the flood of cum inside of him as Donghae prepares the butt plug like promised. He coats the plastic toy with baby oil before handing it over to Hyukjae, his face flush from their continuous activities.

Without a warning, Hyukjae presses the toy into Donghae, successfully trapping the cum inside of him. Donghae lets out a soft whimper, grasping Hyukjae’s arm. “Nng, Hyuk…” He sighs, “How am I’m going to go throughout the whole day like this?”

Hyukjae lets out a chuckle, leaning over and pecking his boyfriend’s lips. “You’ll manage - come on, we’ve got to get ready to go to a red carpet premiere, okay? So, get up,” Hyukjae helps Donghae sit up, smirking when the other shudders from the feel of the cum sloshing inside of him. Pulling Donghae off of the bed was a bit tedious, he obviously didn’t want to move, but he had no say unfortunately. Hyukjae let out a grunt when Donghae fell against him, his body shuddering and knees weak.

“Hyukkie, I can’t do this! I need more release and this is really uncomfortable,” Donghae whines softly, nuzzling into Hyukjae’s neck affectionately, trying to win him over with his puppy noises.

“Sorry, Hae… you lost the bet, not me.” Hyukjae grins, proceeding to help his pitiful boyfriend into some clothes before he’s tempted to take Donghae up on his offer.

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Hey who would like some drabbles?


Choose a couple (or threesome if you’d like).

NO COUPLE WILL BE TURNED DOWN. It doesn’t matter if I don’t like it/don’t ship it/never thought of shipping it - I WILL WRITE IT (As long as it is only between the 15 members of SUPER JUNIOR)

All drabbles will be posted here: http://obsessivefiction.tumblr.com/

That is assuming I get any…. :/

Send prompts to ask/submit box.

Please read the instructions on the prompts. :)

Prompts are behind the read more~

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Couldn’t sleep - instead decided to make an Ask.fm hahaha

You can find it here: http://ask.fm/db5kprom15e

If anyone has any questions, go for it - I’m open to all kinds of questions about anything. :DDD

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indecent exposure XDDDD

okie, drabble time!


Hankyung knew it had been a bad idea to give into Heechul. Especially on the bus. Especially in front of at least twenty other people. But who was he to resist the Kim Heechul? Specifically when the man was pressed hip-to-hip, his hand in stroking over Hankyung’s smooth thighs, squeezing them through his jeans, his fingers brushing across his clothed cock, which twitched in excitement.

He knew he shouldn’t have allowed Heechul to pull open his jeans and pump his cock in plain view of the bus driver, his fingers gripping the sit beside him as he fell over the edge, cumming over Heechul’s long, elegant fingers. He could only shudder when Heechul had licked his cum up.

The next stop they were arrested and put into a holding cell, Hankyung being the one to call Jungsu to bail their asses out, embarrassing himself when he had to explain why they were arrested…

“Never again, Heechul,” Hankyung hissed.

“Oh?” Heechul whispered, pressing his hip to Hankyung’s, his hand resting on his knee, slowly sliding upwards.

Hankyung could only gulp.

/End drabble

Kekekeke, what can I say?

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Something Special

Rating: R

Pairing: Heechul/Ryeowook

Disclaimer: I no own SuJu

Summary: Ryeowook and Heechul meet in an unlikely way and it sparks a friendship that begins growing to something more…

A/N: For Lizzy~



"Ryeowook, don’t forget to flip the sign over!"

"Okay, Mom!"

It was a chilly, rainy Monday afternoon and it was close to closing time for Ryeowook’s family’s cafe. He had taken a pause in his homework to help finish sweeping; he was approaching the door to flip the sign from ‘Open’ to ‘Close’ when a tall, lean boy around his age darted into the cafe to escape the pouring rain that had just resumed.

"Um… we’re closed…" Ryeowook spoke up, unsure of exactly what to say to the other. He looked a bit familiar, but Ryeowook couldn’t really place him.

The boy looked right at him, his almond shaped eyes staring at him in disbelief, “Uhm…” He ran his fingers through his wet hair and sighed heavily. “Alright, well, then I guess I’ll go…” He turned to leave, but Ryeowook felt really guilty for sending the obviously cold boy back into the rain.

"Wait - you can stay… it’s okay." Ryeowook smiled sweetly and slipped past the boy to flip the sign to ‘Closed’. "Just sit at a table and let me tell my Mom." He bowed politely and quickly dashed into the back to tell his mom about their last customer.

The boy smiled slightly and plopped down in a table closest to the counter and pulled his damp coat off, shivering for a moment before the warm air from the cafe’s heater began to warm him.

Ryeowook returned and stood behind the counter, “How about some hot chocolate?”

"Please," The boy smiled faintly, attempting to rub some of the wetness from his face and neck off with a napkin. Ryeowook smiled at him and began making him a large hot chocolate and then walking it over to him.

"Um… I’m Ryeowook," He smiled kindly, bowing gently.

"Heechul," The boy bowed his head slightly, blowing on his hot chocolate. When Heechul noticed the boy just standing there, he gently nudged the chair in front of him, "Sit down if you want…"

Ryeowook smiled brightly and plopped down in the sit in front of Heechul, “Do you happen to go to the school down the road?”

Heechul pulled away from his drink, giving the other a raised eyebrow, “Why?”

"Because you looked really familiar…"

Heechul smiled, “Yeah - I go to that school. Kim Heechul.”

Ryeowook’s eyes widened, “Oh… you’re one of the rich guys… What were you doing in the rain…?”

Heechul grunted at the boy’s words, “I just felt like walking…”

When Ryeowook realized Heechul was very uncomfortable with the current topic, he began talking about some of his interests - just something to keep the other company. He talked about how he liked to take pictures, mentioned that he used to have a dog, but it had died not long ago. Heechul surprised him by beginning to participate in the conversation, each of them laughing and talking until long after the rain had stopped.

Heechul walked Ryeowook home that evening and promised to see him again.

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AnonymousFor the NaNoWriMo. How about some HenHae? something like what happend after the kiss at the concert

Hahaha, alright! My mom actually just suggested that :D

I’ll definitely write it!

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Okay everyone

I didn’t realize I’d gotten so many followers on here, Obsessive Fiction, my fic blog.

I was surprised to open it and actually notice how many I’d gotten. 

Thank you all so, so much for staying with me, I promise I’ll do my best to get fics out faster.

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AnonymousCan I get some Siwon/Kyuhyun. I read a story with Kyu being a young master and Siwon his servant. I really liked the setting, so maybe you could also write something about it? and/or a spy setting ^^

Hmmmm, I think I can do that sweetheart.

I’ll write it down and do it for NaNo, if that’s alright with you sweetie?

Look forward to it :DDDDDD

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So I’m entering NaNoWriMo again this year…


Maybe I’ll win again this year - it’d be nice, but if not, maybe it’ll motivate me to get off my ass and actually write something.


I’ve got several prompts already and I’m going to try and do one a day, which gives me enough for about 8-9 days for November.

What I need is more pairings and more prompts SO

1) Any SJ pairing (within Super Junior, I mean)
2) Rating may vary (AKA unless otherwise stated that you want smut, you’re probably NOT going to get it, unless I’m in the mood to write it)
3) Length will vary
4) One word prompts are allowed, nothing too detailed though.
5) It can be a continuation of an already finished fic, but none that are currently in the works (I.e. Business Deal)

6) ALL fics that I write will be posted onto my ficblog - so if you aren’t following it now, chances are you’ve missed out on some fics already. GO FOLLOW~

My ask and submit are open, go for it.

Please, my followers, reblog this for me? I need some more things to write before November gets here so I can go ahead and have them lined up.


P.S. PLEASE do not be afraid to ask for a rare pairing! Chances are I like it! (examples: HeeWook; KangHan; WonDong. ANYTHING!)

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Meow (Part 3 - Final)

Rating: R

Pairing: Siwon/Kyuhyun

Disclaimer: I do not own SuJu….

SummaryAfter finding a mysterious boy just laying on the ground, Siwon takes him in only to discover he’s known him all along - and in the least likely of ways.

A/N: I’m very sorry this seems so rushed. :(


Siwon stared at Kyuhyun as the boy say on the sofa, looking over his bandaged fingers, a look of longing in his eyes. He felt guilty that Kyuhyun had gotten hurt even though the other insisted that it wasn’t his fault. He feared Kyuhyun was regretting becoming human now; he’d had that longing look for the entire time they’d been home. He leaned back in the chair he was in, letting a heavy sigh leave him. ‘What should I do?

“I’m sorry…”

Siwon opened his eyes, jumping a little when he realized that Kyuhyun was now on his knees right in between his legs. He reached down and gently ran his fingers through Kyuhyun’s hair, a small smile on his lips when Kyuhyun leaned into the touch like a cat would.

“What are you sorry for?” Siwon murmured softly, watching as Kyuhyun straightened up, catching eyes with him.

“I’m so much trouble as a human… if I were a cat you wouldn’t have to worry about me so much because I knew the world better as a cat…” Kyuhyun mumbled, his eyes glassy with unshed tears.

“Do you regret becoming a human…?” Siwon whispered, his heart caught in his throat.

“No.” Kyuhyun replied quickly. “I… only regret being such a problem.”

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I swear I’m writing Meow - I’m almost done.

I promise

It’s just…

I’ve had a drink

and I’m hungry

and I’m writing smut on top of it all

Not a good combination……


It’ll be up soon!

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Anonymoushey :) since today is october 13th I would like some Wonkyu :D. I either would like something fluffy or rated smut, it's up to you ^^

Hahaha, what a coincidence my dear. I’m writing on Meow right now and, hopefully, it’ll be a little fluffy and a little smutty. :DDDDD

So look forward~!

I also might be able to write up a cute little drabble feating Siwon and Kyuhyun ^_^

Just for you~

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To my lovely followers

To inspire some more interactions, how about this:

I’ll take any request, no turning it down, for one whole week, starting NOW.

1) Any SJ pairing
2) Any rating
3) Length will vary
4) One word prompts are allowed, nothing too detailed though.
5) It can be a continuation of an already finished fic, but none that are currently in the works (I.e. Business Deal)

My ask and submit are open, go for it.

You send it and I will write it right then and there!

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